Increases productivity

Employee productivity is significantly increased in workplaces that have plant and flower displays. Studies show that the productivity of employees in a leaner office—one that is devoid of any distraction—increase by at least 15 per cent when they are surrounded by a few plants. A green workplace is more desirable, as the office landscape seems more welcoming, energetic and comfortable.

 Increases wellbeing

Plants have more than a mere aesthetic appeal. Landscaping the office can enhance employee wellbeing and overall health by reducing stress and anxiety. Plants have a soothing effect on the eyes and mind, and working in a green environment can be conducive to the success of a company. Plants help in warding off negativity and have a restorative effect on the workforce.

Boosts creativity

A positive green vibe promotes creativity among employees. Plants create an enriched environment for creative individuals that helps in innovative thinking. Studies conducted to measure the effect of plants on a person’s creativity shows that a person is likely to generate more novel ideas and solve problems faster—an incentive for employers who can reap the benefits by adding plants in their companies.

Better workplace

Plants create a comfortable space for employees to carry out their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Flowers kept on the desk or potted plants kept in the cabin have psychological benefits for the employees. A greener lobby is also more welcoming and improves the perception of the company for potential clients. Through a simple and cost-effective way, organisations can increase their business by investing in creating an aesthetically-pleasing setting. Stores with flowers and plants inside have also noticed increased footfall, boost in sales and a surge in the time spent by customers.